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May. 19th, 2006 @ 12:41 pm NEW: Character Generation Process!
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Hey, guys! I know we've been a little silent on the staff front for a while, and things seem to have slowed down a little bit, but that doesn't mean we weren't still working on some fun new things for you all. There are some giant changes coming, and one of them (probably the biggest) is ready for you guys to test out: a brand new character generation/application process!

Those of you who have been here all along know about our current process - filling out a form that is e-mailed to staff. While this process has worked out alright (you're all here, aren't you?), there was some frustration and disappointment with it, so we're willing to try something new. Under the new system, chargen goes as follows:

1/ Create a character at the login screen.
2/ Write up a short 'character concept' outlining the basic idea you have for a character, which is submitted to staff for approval (within 24 hours).
3/ Set up +char directly on the game without prior approval from staff, which is submitted using +char/apply as it is now (approval within 48-72 hours).

What this does is eliminate the e-mailed app and allow new players a more efficient way of interacting with the playerbase before they're approved. Players will be able to find crew, family members, or other 'wanted' characters much easier, since new players will be able to use @mail. This ALSO, because of the concept submission, eliminates the frustration of writing the entire app only to be told by staff that their basic idea does not mesh with the game. And for anyone who has applied via e-mail and then had to set up +char, you know how frustrating writing all that out twice (even copy and pasting it) was. ;)

The +char will still need to be approved by more than one staff member, thus the 48-72 hour turnaround. The concept idea, however, needs only to be approved by one staff member, so the turnaround to get your basic idea approved should be quick. If staff dose not approve a character for some reason, players will be provided with an explanation as well as recommendations on how to proceed.

This system is currently being run for a month on a trial basis, meaning that at the end of the month we'll evaluate how it's gone, player feedback, etc. to decide if it's our best course of action. Of course, since we're introducing this very suddenly, some people may be in the middle of applications already. That's fine, too! We'll be accepting e-mail applications until we decide if the new chargen will stay or needs to be changed. For now, you can choose whichever method you like best.

If you're a new character who has recently been approved and are sitting in the chargen nexus thinking, "...I have to do this AGAIN?!" don't worry! Just bypass the concept room entirely and set up your +char. Ignore all the notes that are specifically for the new chargen process, and just put your e-mail app information onto your character. I realize this isn't the most coherent set of instructions ever, in that case, but if you need help at any time, just ask. ;)

Characters who have yet to be approved will be on a 'Newbie' channel, where they can ask for help from staff and the ambassadors about how to develop their character or how to set it up. When they are approved, they will be removed from this channel. But they'll be on Public all along, too, so don't fret if you want to be friendly and welcome new people to the game!

If something in this post needs clarification (I wouldn't be surprised), leave a comment here or @mail me on the MUX. If you want to check out the new character generation set-up, there's a link to it off the OOC Nexus, so just type +ooc and you'll see the exit. Hope you all enjoy this change, which is just the first of what's to come!

- Bix