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Feb. 1st, 2006 @ 02:52 pm Big Damn Awards: Winners!
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The moment you've been waiting for! Tons of awesome new RP has happened and fun new characters have joined the game since the creation of the first ever BDAs, but the winners are timeless.

It's been fun, and there's been lots of voting. Some nominees won my a hair's breadth. Others won by a landslide.

I was going to make pretty icons or banners for the winners in some categories, but I didn't have time ... so ... now you're just left with the good thought and a longing for graphics. It's the thought that counts!

Anyway, without further ado,

Drum roll, please!

+ Scene Awards +

Most Original Story Arc

Winner: The Persephone Plague
Runner-up: Saffron’s Crazy Exploits

Best Overall Story Arc

Winner:The Persephone Plague
Runner-up: Mal and Inara’s Relationship

Most Dramatic Scene

Winner:”In the Time of War”
Runner-up (tie): ”Showdown (Part One)” and ”Big Damn Riot”

Most Comedic Scene

Winner: ”Browsing the Racks”
Runner-up (tie): ”Terrifying Space Monkeys” and ”No Secrets on Serenity”

Most Tear-Jerking Scene

Winner (three-way tie!): ”Letting It Out, Holding It In”, “Not Looking for Perfection” and “Dust”
Runner-up: ”Long Time Coming”

Best Fight Scene

Winner: Jayne vs. Sydney (plus confrontations), ”Showdown (Part One)”
Runner-up (tie): Saffron and Sydney vs. Mason and Penelope, ”No Pain, No Gain” and Inara vs. Mal, ”Opening Old Wounds”

Best Breakthrough Scene

Winner: ”Alcohol Breaks Down the Walls … Kinda”
Runner-up (tie): ”Down with the Sickness and ”Long Time Coming”

Best Plot Twist in a Scene

Winner: ”The Truth About Lies”
Runner-up: ”Browsing the Racks”

Best Overall Scene

Winner: ”Big Damn Riot”
Runner-up: ”A Rare Quiet Exchange”

+ Character Awards +

Most Awesome RPer (Male)

Winner: Mal

Most Awesome RPer (Female)

Winner: Inara

Best FC Hero

Winner: Mal

Best OC Hero

Winner: Daggett

Best FC Villain

Winner: (tie!): Badger and Saffron

Best OC Villain

Winner: The Persephone Plague
Runner-up: Holliman

Best Characterization of an FC (Male)

Winner (tie!): Mal and Jayne
Runner-up (tie!): Simon and Badger

Best Characterization of an FC (Female)

Winner: Kaylee
Runner-up: Inara

Funniest FC

Winner: Jayne, hands down, knocking all of the runner-ups out of the water.
Runner-up: everyone else in the category!

Most Original OC

Winner: Inez
Runner-up (tie!): Paige and Tristan

Best Character Development

Winner: Sydney
Runner-up: River

Best Relationship Dynamic – Allies

Winner: Serenity
Runner-up (tie!): Tristan & Lucy and Sydney & Daggett

Best Relationship Dynamic – Romantic

Winner (tie!): Mal/Inara and Vanya/Jayne
Runner-up: Simon/Kaylee

Best Relationship Dynamic – Enemies

Winner (tie!): Penelope vs. Jayne and Saffron vs. Daggett
Runner-up (tie!): Penelope vs. Mal and Tristan vs. Victor

Best Physical Narrative

Winner (three-way tie!): Mal, Inara and Daggett
Runner-up: Saffron

Best Use of Splanguage

Winner: Mal
Runner-up: Badger

Character Most Likely to Get Killed

Winner: Penelope
Runner-up: Sydney

Unluckiest Character

Winner: Vanya
Runner-up: Tristan

Most Annoying Character (ICly)

Winner: Penelope
Runner-up (tie!): Victor and Jason

Most Idiotic Character (ICly)

Winner: Penelope
Runner-up: Jayne

+ Special Awards +

Winner (tie!): Jayne; “A$$hole” by Dennis Leary and Austin; “Charm Attack” by Leona Naess
Runner-up: Zoe; “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra

Best Quote from a Scene – General

Winner: "There ain't many who can do what he could, but you shouldn't be lookin' to be him. You got some big footsteps to follow in, darlin', but don't worry after tryin' to replace the man. You're just gonna be doin' what he left you to do, and you're gonna be fine." – Mal, Dust
Runner-up: "Sir - sometimes, we women? Say things just to spite you 'cause of the dumb things y'all come up with." – Zoe, Grudge-Bearing Jerkheads

Best Quote from a Scene – Comedic

Winner: "Zoe and River are both wise women, telling you not to behave like an ass. Unfortunately, I think that's a part of your character that can't entirely be worked out." – Inara, Alcohol Breaks Down the Walls … Kinda
Runner-up: "It's fancy underthings, sir." – Kaylee, Browsing the Racks

Best Quote from a Scene – Chinese

Winner: 1. "He's just ... excitable. Like to xiao bian on the gorram carpets if we didn't let him up on the ship with guns." (Urinate) – Mal, Terrifying Space Monkeys
Runner-up: “Wo de ma he ta de feng kuang de wai sheng dou!” (Holy mother of god and all her wacky nephews!) – Badger, Young Mistakes

Best Quote: +finger

Winner (tie!): Saffron; Saffron: "He's my husband." Mal: "Well, who in the damn galaxy ain't?" and Badger; "'Course you couldn't buy an invite with a diamond the size of a testicle, but I got my hands on a couple."
Runner-up (three-way tie): Mason, Inara and Simon

Wash Memorial Award: Funniest OC

Winner: Sydney
Runner-up: Inez

Book Memorial Award: OC Most Calm Under Pressure

Winner: Daggett
Runner-up: Tristan

Best NPC

Winner: Lucy the Chimpanzee
Runner-up: Jimmy

Shiniest Ship

Winner: Serenity
Runner-up: Hope

+ Player Awards +

Most Available/Open for RP

Winner (tie!): Vanya and Inara
Runner-up: Penelope

Nicest Player

Winner: Inara
Runner-up: Vanya

Funniest Player

Winner: The Entire Serenity Crew
Runner-up (tie!): Jayne by himself and Badger

Most Helpful Staffer

Winner: Kwan Yin
Runner-up: Bixia

Most Helpful Non-Staffer

Winner: Inara
Runner-up: Tristan